Top Performance Demands the Best Support

Premium Customer Service is our standard operating procedure.

Too many customer service operations today avoid direct contact with customers. We encourage it with MyPhone Portal and our Live Customer Support services.

Personalized Service: You Get It

Live Customer Support

Princeton customers have a dedicated account support team. You will be able to call them directly and have them work on any issues you may have. Most service providers only offer this level of customer service to their largest customers (if they offer it at all). You will get to know your support team and they will get to know you and will have expert knowledge of your organization’s communications services.


You have a “Go-To” team member who knows your business and account and can be reached at any time.


We have a NOC technician on the phone within 60 minutes of an emergency call.


Our technicians can make changes and fixes as needed – 98% of trouble calls are worked within 6 minutes of a trouble ticket being opened.


Also, we go on site with our customers a minimum of three times a year and as often as monthly to:

  • Learn more about your business and consult about upcoming issues and needs.
  • Review your vendor invoicing for accuracy and resolve any issues promptly.

The Phone: We Love It

My Phone Portal

My Phone Portal gives our customers the ultimate control over their phones. Every feature can be activated or deactivated from the portal. Most importantly the portal is easy to use and learn, within a few short minutes you will be in full command of all functions your phone offers.


We answer the phone in 2 rings


We follow up every 30 minutes


We return all non-emergency phone messages within 12 hours.

Support when you need it!

24/7 Customer Support:
(855) 747-4111

Billing Department:
(888) 724-7775

Sales Department:

Telecommunications Solutions with Premium Support

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