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Fiber Solutions

Princeton partners with the nation’s largest private fiber construction companies to custom build a data solution specific to our customers’ needs. Unlike the national carriers that provide straightforward data services for the masses, Princeton products can be engineered to each individual customer.

The hallmark of our fiber solutions:


Flexible: The network is designed specifically for you, with all you could possibly require – such as the premium layer 2 fibers that can adapt to what fits your company.


Customizable: We revolve the product around what the customer needs, and what will benefit you the most.


Cost Effective: Our ability to buy at attractive pricing and construct fiber on favorable terms allows us to provide very cost-effective fiber solutions.

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The Dedicated Layer 2 Lit Fiber

Layer 2, also known as the Data Link Layer, is the second level in the seven-layer OSI reference model for network protocol design. The 2 Sublayers are:

  • Logical link control (LLC) sublayer: is responsible for managing communications links and handling frame traffic.
  • Media access control (MAC) sublayer: which governs protocol access to the physical network medium. By using the MAC addresses that are assigned to all ports on a switch, multiple devices on the same physical link can uniquely identify one another.

Layer 2 switches learn MAC addresses automatically, build a table which can be used to selectively forward packets. Benefit: when switch receives packets from MAC address X on Port 1, it knows that packets destined for MAC address X can be simply forwarded out of that port rather than having to try each available port in turn.

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